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Flexible Data Model

Streamlined Workflow

Comprehensive Reporting

Flexible Data Model

A rich research repository at your fingertips.

  • Stores datasets, traditional and non-traditional output types together
  • Supports upload of any type of file
  • Templates for new output types can be added at any time

“What’s really exciting about Haplo Repository is its extraordinarily flexible data model. It means you can store all types of research outputs and data in one system, with rich and accurate metadata. It leads to better search, better reporting, and a much better user experience.”

Ben Summers, Technical Director


Streamlined Workflow

  • Intuitive self-deposit forms for researchers submitting their research outputs
  • Supports DOI lookup and import of existing records
  • Comprehensive and flexible workflow for reviewing submissions
  • Records can be returned to the researchers for more information, with the full conversation tracked within Haplo
  • Apply and manage multiple embargoes
  • Check for REF compliance
  • Transparency of the entire submission process
  • Supports DOI minting
  • Integrates with SHERPA tools

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Real-time management information dashboards
  • Easy-to-use to filter and export reports
  • Track REF readiness
  • Instant view of faculty outputs
  • Provide access to faculty to view their own reports in real-time


We are Haplo Services, a team of developers and information managers committed to improving support for researchers. We’re an independent company based in London, UK.

Haplo Repository is built on the open source Haplo platform and supported by the Haplo Services team.

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